Synchronize Badgemaker with iDoceo

This article explains, step by step, how you can link your iDoceo with the Badgemaker application

  1. Import the iDoceo class into Badgemaker
  2. Synchronize the class
  3. Assign and publish badges and points to students in Badgemaker
  4. View the badges and points in the iDoceo Gradebook.

1. Import the class

Through Google Classroom:
Badgemaker must be previously linked to Google Classroom: Options -> Google Classroom.
We can now download the class from Google Classroom, adding it in Badgemaker with this option:

Through an iDoceo template:
Export the class in a template and add it to Badgemaker with this option:

2. Synchronize the class

Through Google Classroom:
The iDoceo class must be linked to both Google Classroom and Badgemaker.
Tools -> Class -> Links.
Through an iDoceo template:
In this case, it will only be necessary to activate the Classroom Badgemaker link shown in the previous figure.
To link an existing class in Badgemaker with another iDoceo class, we just have to open the class we want to link from iDoceo, go to Tools -> Class -> Links -> Activate Classroom Badge maker.
The window shown below will open and we only have to select the class with which we want to synchronize in Badgemaker.

3. Assign Points and Badges in Badgemaker

To assign points and Badges:
Press the option to assign badges in the desired class
Once in the class you can assign badges or points
The badges or points will appear directly in iDoceo.

To publish using Google Classroom:
The points and badges will also appear in Google Classroom as well as in idoceo.
In this case, after assigning the points or badges, press the Publish button.

4. View the badges and points in the iDoceo gradebook

Through Google Classroom:
You can create a column in the gradebook where you can see the score of all the badges assigned through Google Classroom.

Using a template:
You create the new column using a formula with the Badgemaker function as shown in the image.