Grade Types: Advanced Text Grades

Configuring German grades

German grades have a broad range of sets and approaches, in this article we will show how to customize and apply these grades.

Text Grades Configuration

The 3 samples below are text grades. Each text value of the grade must be assigned to the right percentage.
The left column shows the text values.
The right column shows the numeric value of each text grade.


To configure the text grades Menu-> Grades Rubrics-> New Text Grade
Assign a name to your grade, enter the text values and its corresponding percentage.
Below are the three examples:



Once the text grades are configured, it can be very useful to add those grades into the Quick conversion grades table.
To do that go to Settings-> Quick conversion-> Add

Classic Numeric Grades Configuration

If we want to make use of the numeric counter parts of the previous grades, we can configure them as Numeric Grades.
To do that: Menu-> Grades Rubrics-> New Numeric Grade

The roundings shown above are only suggested ones.

How to use the grades with Points assesments.

The next image shows a basic example of several columns with only a generic Grade Type for the total of points in each. The final result folders are configured with a generic Grade Type of a 100 total points to obtain a percentage result. This simple configuration has only didactic purpose.

Now we will apply the +1 - 6 grades with tendencies to Assesments and Exams. For the Tests, the1 - 6 grades with quarters.
We will use quick conversion in the Points columns only. The result below:

The next animation shows the detail about how to do it.

Add Numeric Grade Folders

You can add numeric grades to the above example.
Add a layer of folders with the numeric counter part of each text grade.

Global evaluation of different grade types

We are now going to obtain a global grade, in this case we will select a grade 1-6 without tendencies as final grade.

iDoceo makes posible to use and combine any kind of grade in the same gradebook and has NO compatibility restricctions.
To do that, iDoceo automatically normalises each grade to a comon percentage standart to obtain the correct value in the desired output grade.

We add two folders into the gradebook one folder Global Grade Numeric 1-6has a rounding of 0.01 so we can see the numeric result obtained, in the other folder Final 1-6 we use the same grade type 1-6 but with a rounding to nearest unit, to obtain a grade.

This is the result:

You can download the template of this sample class, which includes its grade types configuration from: Sample template
The template password is: 1234

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