Grade Conversion: Non Linear Grades

How to Apply Non Linear Grades

If you want to apply grades with a non linear curve, you can do it by adjusting the percentages directly in the text grade configuration or by creating a detached graph to be applied at will wherever you decide.
To do this, you need to configure a Grade Conversion, where you can adjust the origin percentages to the targeted ones:
Main menu -> Grade Types and Rubrics -> Add Grade Conversion.

Basically, the graph is a percentage changer, where you can configure any desired curve.
Grade conversions are explained here:Grade conversion. Show a grade based on a score

Lets use it in this example:

To apply the Graph to the Folder Test Final add a new folder with the Grade Conversion Graph Nr 1 and another one to obtain the result with the desired Grade type, same as the source folder Test Final
This image shows what you obtain after applying Graph Nr 1.

It is possible to hide the graph column to make it more compact.

Grades with a range

Sometimes we want to be precise what is the threshold in which the student will receive one grade or the next one. We can configure these ranges with a convertion grade.
Let's see this example :

The threshold between 1 and +1 is a percentage of 96.905 or the number value of 0.84
The threshold between 1 and 1- is a percentage of 90.71 or the number value of 1.17
The threshold between 1- and 2+ is a percentage of 84.43 or the number value of 1.50
We want to adjust those values to achieve that:

A student with 96% gets +1
A student with 90.0% gets 1
A student with 84.0% gets 1-
A student with 15.0% gets a 6

In this example Cathy C.Mahon and Ileana are obtaining a 1 (from 96,66%), because the threshold to obtain 1+ is 96.9%
Now we are going to assign the grade with range configured above to the Assesment Final folder and we obtain:


To do that we will use a conversion grade, Menu -> Grade Types and Rubrics -> Add -> Conversion.
We take our selected threshold percentages and assign them the corresponding values.
You only need to add the threshold values in the table, the rest are already configured in the result grade type.
See below the example:

Here the new results:

Cathy C. Mahon and Ileana now obtain a 1+ since their percentages are higher that 96.0%

How to apply Ranges in Points grades


We are going to do it with an example:
50 Points column and a result grade type of 1 - 6 quarters.
Below we show how the grades are asigned to a range of points. The ranges can be set up as you prefer.
These are obtained with a Conversion Grade.

The set up as mencioned:

Here is a 50 Points Column using this conversion.

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