Grade conversion.

How to use grade Conersion

Grade conversion can be used for several purposes:
  1. Obtain a grade from a score
  2. Custom Roundings and ranges in Grade Calculations
  3. Convert a Numeric Grade to another Grade with custom rounding
  4. Apply a function to any Grade or Calculation
In this article we will explain how to convert a score - our example is out of 30- into a grade - our example from A to F-

If your grade has well-defined percentages and you do not need a 1:1 correlation in the form of a table (e.g. 26 equals A+, 22 equals A) you should use a simple conversion. Explained here in detail

First, we will define your grades. For this, we will create a text grade type (explained here).
In our example it will look like this

The exact percentages are not important unless you are planning to calculate further averages with these grades.
Make sure the highest possible grade has a 100% and the lowest a 0%.

We will now create our grade conversion
Double tap on the header of the column holding the score > Grade type > Edit > Add new grade type > Grade conversion

You will now be able to configure the correlation between values and grades

With your grade conversion configured, you will now be able to assign it to our column.
It will look like this