Reminders, Events and e-Backpack

How to use the Reminders

The option to enter reminders is at the bottom of the left column as shown in the image on the right.

A wide tab will open on the left side of the screen with three options at the top: Pending, Events and e-Backpack. To enter reminders, you must select "Pending" and tap on the blue button Located in the lower right corner.
In the figure on the left, you can see how the window to create a new reminder appears.

In the description, the reason for the reminder is indicated and it is what will be shown in the list of pending reminders.

The "Alert" button allows you to set an alarm for the scheduled time to show the reminder. The "Alert" button can be disabled, it is not necessary to always activate it.

When the activity of the reminder is already done, we can tap on the circle that shows the red date and the reminder will be marked as executed, disappearing from the list.

How to use the e-Backpack

The e-backpack is a utility to easily manage resources, resources that are dropped into the e-backpack are available in all sections of iDoceo.

The option to open the e-backpack is the same as the reminders, it is located at the bottom of the left column as shown in the image on the right. A wide tab will open on the left side of the screen with three options at the top: Pending, Events, and e-Backpack.

When selecting e-Backpack, we will see the resources that we have in it. To introduce a new resource, just drag it to the e-backpack or import it by tapping on the clip located in the bottom right corner (Image on the left).

You can use a resource stored in the e-backpack just by opening the e-backpack and drag & drop the resource to where you want to insert it, which can be any place in iDoceo that accepts resources (the gradebook, planner, diary, bulletin board, etc.).

If you click on the three dots of a resource, you will be able to see the Options for it. Here you can rename it, copy it, export it outside iDoceo with the export option or the drag & drop option, view it with the preview option and also erase it.

How to use the Events


The events in the events section are the same as those you have in other parts of iDoceo, such as the diary, the planner, or the schedule. This view allows you to see the events of today and tomorrow.

If you sync your calendar events from Apple or Google calendars with iDoceo, these events will also be displayed here. For more information on how to sync events from these platforms, you can see this article.

To add a new event, just tap on the blue button The settings for events in the events section is the same as in the rest of iDoceo. You can create it for any date and time, add a location, decide whether to give a reminder or not, add travel time, invite other people so they can share the event, attach any type of resource (Mac only) or annotation that you consider relevant and make it a repeating event and specify until when.


You can change the settings of an event by clicking on it, and to save the changes you have to click on Done. This can be done from any location in iDoceo where events are located, a change in one of these places affects all others.

Finally, if you have enabled iDoceo to add events to your Apple calendar, you can choose which Apple calendar to assign it to. In this case, you can also make changes directly from the Apple calendar.

To erase an event you can click on "Delete event" at the bottom of the customization window, below the annotation space, or if in an iPad or iPhone, swipe left from the events list and click on the trash can icon.