Grade types : Text grades

What is a grade type or grading scale and what is it for?

When using iDoceo's averages or calculating percentages you should assign a grade type -or a max score - to your columns.
The grade type allows iDoceo to mix columns with different types (numerical,text) and obtain a result taking into account all of its singularities.
Additionally, configuring a grade type will also let you assign values to icons or apply colours automatically to a cell based on its contents.

You will be able to configure your own grade types according to your school or country's standards or even create your own definitions

Create your own grade types

To edit or create new grade type:   Main menu > Grades Types and Rubrics >

In this screen we will configure the correlation between your grade's text and the percentage of success. A 100% will represent  complete success and 0% complete failure.

In our example:

  • Excellent is the highest possible value and it will go from 90%-100%
  • A Satisfactory grade will represent 80-89%
  • Needs improvement 70-79%
  • Unsatisfactory 0-69%


The round up value is only taken into account when using this grade type in a calculation. In our example , a round up value of 5% would mean that 85% result would round up to 90% achieving the Excellent grade. A 65% (Unsatisfactory) would round up to Needs improvement (70%)

How to use this new grade type in your grade book

When you configure a column to hold this text based  grade, it is recommended to use Grade Selector as its Editor.

!-- The configuration for this column looks like this, notice the cell editor and grade type


Grade types in iDoceo will work as both an input value (e.g. assessment) or an output value (i.e. calculation result).
You can calculate an average between numeric grades and show its result as text or the other way around.

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