Configure a rotating day cycle in your calendar

If you are working in compact mode and do not need a planner or a calendar you may use this method instead Schedule (compact mode)
You will be able to switch to iDoceo's full-size mode -with planner and calendar- from the main screen > Gear icon (top bar) > Working mode option


In this example we will configure a 6 day rotating cycle with holidays in-between.
Some of these holidays will bump your cycle forward and some of them won't.
The essential part is to add first those holidays that will bump your cycle forward and add the others in our final step.


Configure your calendar

The first step is to configure the dates of your school's term.
The first time you open the calendar, it will automatically ask for these dates, but you can edit them any time with the Select calendar button.
Please note that dates in different calendars should not overlap, if they do, information will be written in both calendars at once.

teacher ipad
Always configure full months in the calendar dates. The start date should begin on the 1st of the month and last date on the 30-31st.


teacher ipad

Configure the days in your cycle

The second step is to configure the days of the cycle that you'd like to replicate.

You can either do this from the schedule (explained here) or from this same calendar view

You should configure the first cycle on a week(s) that has no holidays.

    • Make sure you are in Edit mode
    • Select the first day of the cycle to edit in the left hand side calendar
    • Assign a colour to this day. This will let you locate your cycles in the calendar and schedule
    • Add your classes on the right periods
    • Select the next day in the cycle and configure it until you have complete the first cycle


      Our example will look like this.


      For your convenience we have set the

first day in green

      and the

last day in red


Showing the number of day cycle (optional)
Each day has a description that can be used to identify each day of the cycle. Type your description before replicating the cycle to the whole term.

The description will be shown in the schedule and planner. Can be added from the schedule as well, tap on the three dots .

Add those holidays that will bump your cycle forward

teacher ipad

Replicate your cycle

      Switch now to


      mode >


      and select in order the days that compose your cycle on the left hand side calendar

      Our example will look like this. Please note that the first day of our cycle is the green one and the red one is last.


      Make sure the

From and To

      dates are correct and tap on


      Our cycle will be replicated and our example will look like this. Note how our holidays bump the cycle forward.

Final steps and further modifications

      Now you may add those holidays that do not affect your cycle or if the cycle changes arbitrarilty on a given date (i.e. change of semester), repeat the automatic copy taking the new dates dates into account.


      You may also bump the cycle forward manually on any given date with a

tap and hold > Bump