Adding files and links (resources)

iDoceo will help you manage all your documents&files in a single app and link them to specific students, classes, dates, notes or cells.

How can I add resources?

You will usually find a paper clip button that will bring all the options on screen

Where can I add resources?

  • in a grade book cell, annotations (tap&hold on a cell, annotations). More details here
  • in grade book column header as annotations.
  • in a student, int his resource view. Double tap on a student >Resources tab
  • in a class : from the grade book view tap on Tools/Spanner > Resources
  • in a bulletin board. Explained here in detail: The basics: Bulletin boards
  • in the diary/planner on a specific date. Tap on the paper clip button
  • in a text note
  • in iDoceo, as a generic resource not linked to any class. From the main screen > Resources option (available in full-size mode)

What kind of files can be added?

Any kind of file.

What kind of files will iDoceo be able to preview in the gallery?

These are the the files that are supported at the moment:
PDF, XLS (Excel), CSV, XLSX, Pages, Numbers, DOC (Word), DOCX (Word), PPT (Powerpoint), PPTX, (Powerpoint) KEY, JPG, GIF, PNG, MP3,MP4, MOV, CAF

These formats heavily depend on each iOS version.
You can add your own extensions in iPad settings > iDoceo if these supported formats change in a future iOS update.

Saving files from other apps

From any app in your iPad, use the 'Open In' feature with the file you would like to store in iDoceo.
iDoceo will then present its ''Save in' browser'to select where would you like to store that file in.

Adding files from Google Drive / Dropbox / One Drive / WebDAV

With this option, instead of using the 'Open In' feature, you'll directly select the files you'd like to add from your Google Drive or Dropbox account.
First, you decide where you'd like to store those files into, and then select the option 'Add file'.

In this short video, we'll first store a file from Dropbox in a cell, and then another file from Dropbox in the same student's resources.

The first time you try to access to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive it will ask for permission to link iDoceo with your account.

You can disable the link between Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and iDoceo from the main screen / Settings / Google Drive or Dropbox settings

How to: Download links instead of the actual file

When browsing your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts, you can choose whether to download the file or just a link to it.

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