Configure your Schedule

How to configure your schedule

Before configuring your schedule you should create your classes, even if empty

Each time block in the schedule may be linked to a class. One tap on a time block will bring that class' grade book on screen !

What is this full-size mode you keep mentioning

iDoceo offers two working modes. We call them compact and full-size If you need a planner, timeline, holidays or week/day cycles you should work in full-size mode. If you don't, compact mode will work for you. The schedule configuration is explained here You will find a more detailed explanation about these modes here The working mode can be changed from iDoceo's Main menu > settings > Working mode. You should stay in full-size once you switch.

First step. The schedule, planner and calendar

The schedule, planner and diary are linked by a calendar. This calendar should reflect your weeks configuration, day cycles, holidays and schedule changes during your school's term.

You should first configure the initial sequence of week(s)or days in your cycle from the schedule view. You will then be able to replicate that sequence with a tap on Copy on the right corner of your schedule. More details (explained here)

This first sequence should be configured on a 'holiday free' week

Main gestures

Pinch to zoom in &out
Tap&hold for options on a given time frame
Tap on a time block to open a class' gradebook

Tap on an empty time block to add a new one

Configuring the timelines

The timelines in the schedule are a mere reference, they will help you configure the time blocks in your schedule but you can add classes that do not strictly belong to these times.
From Schedule screen Options > Time lines

Additionally, you may apply a colour to certain periods. In our example, the time frame between 11:00 and 11:10 will be painted red and from 13:00 to 13:10 in green


Adding your classes

Tap on the day of the week and in an empty slot to add that class to.
If you've got the same class repeated at the same times in a different week day, tap&hold on it and then copy.
If a time block does not correspond to a class, simply type its text in the Title, left below image.
In the below right image, it is shown an Schedule with Time lines: