iDoceo 8 for iPhone,iPad and Mac now available!

You will find all the details explained here

What's new in iDoceo 4.2


  • Create rubrics of up to 20 columns and 30 rows
  • Support addition,Percentage and average calculations with custom weights and points
  • Editor: Import full rubrics from CSV/XLS file
  • Editor: Import full rubrics from web (Rubistar) or any other by copy/pasting (short video here)
  • Expand/Collapse rubrics details in gradebook with a tap on the header icon.
  • Editor: Can rearrange and erase full rows&columns
  • Add/edit annotations with files and other resources for each student
  • Add/edit rubrics from the seating plan view
  • Can be exported to PDF, XLS and shared with other users (short video here)

Gradebook categories

  • Gradebook categories (a.k.a column folders or divided columns) will let you mix an unlimited number of columns under a single header and apply a calculation
  • Supported calculations: average (weighted and arithmetic), highest, lowest value, sum, formula and icon counter
  • Can be collapsed/expanded from the gradebook. Similar to rubrics.
  • Calculation is updated automatically whenever a new column is added/removed (except for formulas)
  • Can be shown in reports, linked to other tabs and included in other calculations and formulas
  • A short video about categories here

Gradebook improvements

  • Gradebook cells now support up to 8 icons
  • Settings > Gradebook > Draw smaller icons
  • Column properties: New Quick conversion for generic grades. Easily convert anything to a 100% or other types without additional grades
  • System > Quick conversion setting: Add your quick conversion options.
  • Column editor can now be changed on the fly while editing a cell (three dots button). Choose between Text,Text+Icons,Numeric keypad and grade selector
  • New column option ‘Voice over’: Will read the column’s contents out loud. Different timing settings
  • New column option ‘Cell annotations’: will show all annotations and resources attached to students on a particular column
  • New column option Copy/Paste clipboard. Will let you copy/paste a whole column from and to Excel,Numbers or other apps.
  • Students roster header options: Lock/Unlock all columns
  • iconDrop: Will let you drop the same icon more than once
  • textDrop: When adding annotations appends text instead of replacing it.
  • System > gradebook: To add columns to the left (added to the right by default now)


  • Rubric rows can be accessed individually
  • New function: DROPAVERAGE . Drops lowest N values before calculating an average. Skips empty cells
  • New function: COUNTIF. Similar to that of Excel. Counts the occasions a condition is met with a number of columns
  • New function: COUNTICONS. Will let you count a combination of icons in a selection of columns
  • New function: COLUMNSCORE returns max score configured in the column’s grade type
  • New function: ROUND to nearest integer
  • New function: MODULO returns remainder of a division
  • New operator ≈ (approximately equal)

Spinning wheel

  • Available from gradebook and seating plan
  • Works with students or custom lists of prizes with icons and sounds.
  • Soundboard to invoke sound effects at will.
  • Option to remove picked student

System improvements

  • Additional batch of 100 icons: Showers, Clothing, OSs, medals...
  • Additional 25 theme backgrounds
  • Settings > Image&Video : new option ‘Migrate photos from camera roll into iDoceo’. Shown when storing images locally. Photos&Video can be safely erased afterwards from camera roll
  • Grade types list allows folders and manual sort order
  • Grade types list new ‘Share’ option. Will let you share any combination of grade types, folders and rubrics with other iDoceo users
  • e-mail: CC,BCC settings and additional recipients
  • 'Touches' are shown when Airplaying your iPad screen

Diary / Planner / Calendar / Timeline

  • Up to 3 icons per period
  • Schedule/Planner/Calendar new ‘Day description’ field shown on header (especially meant for complex cycles)
  • Timeline view: New layout option to ’Show all text’ planned on each period
  • Planner: Improved report. Uses different period heights and appropriate font size to fit as much text as possible
  • Diary options: Layout, hide other periods permanently
  • Page break option in diary report. When enabled, each date&period will begin on a new page

Text notes improvements

  • Can now add notes to a particular student (shown in student's personal sheet as well)
  • Filter by a selection of students or none at all. Taken into account in reports as well
  • Can be sent by e-mail
  • Can be assigned to multiple students at once. It will create a copy for each student once saved.


  • New ‘add multiple photos’ option
  • More intuitive ‘rename’ and file ‘details’ options
  • Audio files are now recorded as M4A instead of CAF.
  • MP3,WAV,M4A and any other audio files are played without opening the gallery
  • Improved audio player with pause and scroll
  • Improved management of PAGES,KEYNOTE, AND NUMBERS documents downloaded from iCloud Drive

Random picker

  • Spoken names
  • Seating plan: Long tap on a student to exclude from the random picker. Taken into account in gradebook and random picker widget as well


  • New widget 'Gradebook stats' (x6) will let you select a combination of columns and students
  • Summary widget ‘Recent resources’ can now erase,export and rename resources
  • to compare

Student and e-mail report

  • Student report: New sort columns option and higher resolution resources
  • Add rubrics details
  • Include max score and conversions

Seating plan

  • Supports up to 10 plans
  • Keeps track last selected column on each class
  • textDrop support

Bulletin board

  • Rename option in URLS and Files

Plus hundreds of minor improvements!

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