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Hi Ronel100,
We're still preparing that info on iDoceo server, we'll keep you in the loop
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Woohoo! Just saw that the 3.1 update is ready to download from the App Store this morning! Can't wait to play around with it! Thank you, Bert, for a lovely end-of-school-year gift! :D
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Anything further to give out yet ? :)
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9 years 3 months ago #4821 by bert
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Not yet Ronel100! We are still updating our main website with all the details about this 3.1. This next couple of weeks will certainly be very busy :)
We'll post more info as soon as possible.
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iDoceo has been the best received app by staff in our 1:1 rollout so far. Most teachers are happy with individual accounts, but some share classes and are really looking forward to iDoceo Server news.

All the best with your next update!

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I love this app. Head and shoulders above any of the other ones that I've tried to date.

Two requests:
I second the motion for bulk moving of students in the seating plan.

Would it be possible to sync class notes to Google calendars? It would be nice to put a summary of the class in the notes field and then post it online to a calendar. The classroom management app that I have on my Mac (Planbook) does this.
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9 years 2 months ago #4935 by Stefpeco
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Bonjour à tous,

Encore merci pour cette app qui est devenu mon seul outil de travail!
J'ai définitivement abandonné tout support papier et toutes mes informations de travail se retrouve dans un seul outil!
pour ma part dans les prochaines version, j'aurais aimé pouvoir regrouper mes classes par école. En effet,je travail dans plusieurs écoles et je dirige une asbl sportive avec beaucoup d'animateurs.
Il serait plus simple pour moi d'avoir en accueil d'abord les écoles et puis les classes qui y sont associées ainsi que l'horaire pour chaque école afin de ne pas tout avoir sur le même panneaux d'affichage.
autre point à soulever, c'est une question qui m'a été posée par rapport à IDOCEO. Sur le plan de la protection des données, pouvons nous faire des sauvegardes d'icoceo sur des serveurs tels que Google quand nos dossiers contiennent des données personnelles d'élèves ou d'enfants? Je n'ai pas su répondre à la question et j'aurais aimé savoir ce qu'il en est juridiquement parlant.
dernière question, mais je pense l'avoir déjà posée: y aura t'il une version pour mac? ce serait très utiles pour l'encodage, la sauvegarde, l'exportation et la création de grilles d'évaluation.

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9 years 2 months ago #4995 by digital_biscuit
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Could the following options be added in the next version please!

To add an entry into the grade book, single tap instead of double tap

When you click save after adding an entry in the grade book, don't move to the next entry in the grade book.

These options would be great as I dont have my class books in register order so at the moment I have a lot of tapping to do to enter very little data

Keep it up!!!

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9 years 2 months ago - 9 years 2 months ago #5053 by jkevens
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IDoceo is such a great app and is really a life changer for us teachers!!!

Have a couple of suggestions for improvements below which would be really useful.

Groups - assigning groups to students is so useful. Often I put students into groups for practical work and then use the search field to be able to input info for each group without the rest of class showing. However these groupings change regularly and it can get confusing amending which group students are in. It would be great if there could be a 'clear group' feature to clear out all the previous entries in the field for a given class.

I get bombarded with info about students via email and am now trying to 'process this' by searching for student in search field, then pasting info into the Annotations tab and finally adding an icon 'flag' next to student name. Would be nice if there was a quicker way to access this info - i.e. I see that I have added a flag to student so I just give a quick tap on student name and the Annotation info appears, to save having to press, hold, wait for option box, select edit student, then click on Annotations tab.

Opening classes from planner - a small thing but would be nice to do a quick double tap rather than, or as well as, holding , waiting for option box, and selecting open class - you find yourself doing this so much it would be a useful time saver!

Date on count cells - when adding additional counts to a cell beyond the first one, the date doesn't update - it just stays on the date the cell was first clicked on rather than updating to show the most recent count added to a cell.

Sort pictures by group - so you have added group numbers / letters / whatever to students in a class. It would be great if when going to the seating plan page there is an option to 'clump by group' so that visually all students in a particular group are clumped together.

Another seating plan request - I find myself spending a lot of time moving student pictures around on screen, zooming in and out, gradually moving students from off screen to the visible area, just to get a nice view with all student pics shown as large as possible with all students in class on the screen at once. Could you add a 'Snap to show whole class' option that does this for you?

These additions would be most welcome to what is such a great piece of software.

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I haven't said much in the forum in some time but this is only the case because iDoceo now really has all the features I need ! Though I am sure you guys are working on more wonderful stuff...

I have however encountered a rather "annoying" little bug. The upcoming birthdays feature (which I really like) is showing me students I have deleted... Any way to get rid of them for good ? :side:
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