iDoceo 8 for iPhone,iPad and Mac now available!

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The grade book in iDoceo will let you keep track of any data, grades, assessment or evidence regarding your day to day in class.
Each cell is a multilayered container able to hold text,icons, grades, resources (image,video,photos,files) and annotations.

You'll be able to add calculations, averages, additions, conditions, and you'll see its results in real time while you insert your data.

All your information at hand with simple gestures:
Double tap to edit a cell, student, header ...
Tap&Hold for additional options on any element: cell,header,tab,student ...
Keep all your student's personal data in one screen, add your own fields
Attendance stats with total and partial results between dates. Configure your own icons.
Configure your own grades, either with text, numbers, icons or a combination of them all
Keep track of your students progress with photos, audio, video or any other kind of file
Input your data in no time with especialized editors for each task. Grades, numbers, attendance, icons, colors ...
Organize your data visually with tabs in your grade book. Represent some columns in different tabs at once.

Instructions and How-tos


21 AUG

iDoceo 7 for iPad and Mac now available!

A huge update with tons of new features and a new interface

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Create Multiple-choice tests with iDoceo Connect!

In addition to self-evaluation rubrics, your students can now fill exams online. Supports text and images - in answers and questions - and can easily be imported from an XLS template

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